Built in Slovenia

Greenline Yachts are built in Slovenia, recently declared the world's first green country by the Netherlands-based Green Destinations and what is interesting, the most nautical country in the world. The amount of knowledge in the leisure marine industry coming from Slovenia is per capita by far the highest in the World.
We LOVE Slovenia!

Greenline Yachts are about the ENVIRONMENT.

The Greenline Hybrid concept is a powerful answer to environmental concerns as it uses up to four times less fossil fuel than a planning powerboat in similar conditions.

Not only does this innovation reduce fuel consumption, it also allows efficient electric propulsion using power supplied by the battery and solar power.

Designed and built by leisure marine specialists and craftsmen with the latest infusion technology using the best materials available Greenline Yachts bring the highest possible value for our customers.

Greenline Yachts are about DESIGN.

Maintaining the comfort and convenience both on deck as well as down below at the highest level across the whole Greenline Yachts range is of the utmost importance to us.

The excellence in styling attracts even the most demanding and experienced boaters. The modern concept of open space is applied by connecting the saloon and cockpit which makes the living space all the more comfortable and pleasant.

In modern times it is very important how much energy we use, especially energy that is derived from fossil fuels. With that in mind we designed the super displacement low-drag hull which uses much less energy to move through water.

Greenline Neo - Unique Bathing Platform

Greenline Yachts are about YOU.

When designing and building our yachts maximising your well-being on board is our main focus. We appreciate and share your passion for boating and we strive to provide you with relaxing and enjoyable cruise every single time you go out on the water with your family or friends.

Greenline Yachts deliver more comfort, greater ease of handling and more fun than any other boat in its class. Outstanding design adds a new dimension that allows you to savour the quietness of the water as you would on a sailing yacht without polluting your surroundings or the environment with exhaust, noise or wake.

Greenline Hybrid will take you to any of your favourite cruising spots in complete comfort and safety regardless of whether they are inland waterways, lakes, inshore waters or islands.

It is not just about the destination, It is about the journey

“A human life is a journey and I believe we should make it a spectacular one”
Vladimir Zinchenko - Greenline owner and CEO

A never-ending story of passion

“Our journey began in 2004 when my wife and myself decided to turn our lives upside down”, said Vladimir in a casual conversation over a coffee.

“My lifelong romance was sailing and the sea. We left Russia and bought a sailing yacht in Northern Germany setting sails for the Carribbean. The journey lasted seven years and our destination was finding a place to settle down. After 250.000 miles, six Atlantic crossings and visiting close to 60 countries, we arrived. In Slovenia”.

Vladimir Zinchenko became a dealer for Shipman, luxury carbon sailing yachts in 2006. In 2009 he recognized the potential of the first production hybrid motor boats Greenline Yachts, the pioneer in hybrid propulsion and the world leader with more than 550 hybrid yachts sailing. The journey between the Carribbean and the Mediterranean ended for Vladimir and his wife in 2011 when he parted ways with his Shipman 63, and settled down.

Now, Vladimir Zinchenko is at the helm of Slovenia’s largest yacht producer, SVP Yachts, employing 250 people and growing rapidly with at least one new model launching every year.

“During our journeys we learned how to make everything on the yacht convenient, comfortable and safe. We are now sharing these concepts with Greenline Yachts and Shipman owners”.

Vladimir Zinchenko - Greenline owner and CEO