Hybrid Technology

The Power Behind Greenline Yachts

The Hybrid Technology that powers the Greenline range is all about bringing the key elements of Hull Design, Powerplant and Build Technology together into one concept.

Super-Displacement Hull

The basis of the Greenline range is centred around the low-drag Super-Displacement Hull Design. 

Incorporating sailing boat lines, the design gives an ultra-efficient low drag hydrodynamic profile which allows for maximum efficiency whilst maintaining sea-keeping characteristics.

The revolutionary Super-Displacement hull is the secret behind Greenline Hybrid's ability to use less fuel, generate lower CO2 emissions, and produce less wake. 

The fuel consumption per nautical mile is less than that of a comparable displacement hull and as little as one quarter of a semi-displacement, twin-engine planing boat.

This revolutionary hull efficiently covers the speed range from zero to over double displacement speed - up to 15 knots in case of a 10 metre waterline and up to 20 knots in case of a 12 metre waterline. 

With twin stabilisers on the Greenline 33 and 40, it has unmatched anti-roll and tracking stability. It offers a comfortable and safe ride in all weather conditions, faced by a head-on, side or following sea. 

The Build Process

All Greenline Yachts are built using state-of-the-art vacuum infusion technology that provides the ultimate in strength and weight reduction. The Greenline 33, 40 and 48 also feature twin stabiliser fins designed to further eliminate low speed roll and protect the rudder and shaft assemblies.


All Greenline Yachts offer the option of Diesel or Hybrid Drive Propulsion Units.

In Diesel-Only Spec, there are a range of Volvo Penta and Cummins units available from 75hp to 380hp, along with the option of a Yanmar 8LV-370hp power unit on the Greenline 39.

The Volvo Penta engines can also be coupled to a Mahle 10kW Electric Motor, separated from the diesel by a hydraulic clutch to provide both electric drive and generation at the simple flick of a switch.

A 48v Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) battery bank provides enough power for a range of 20 nautical miles at 4.5 kts, and a top speed of 6kts - perfect for gentle cruising in total silence. 

Battery Systems

Greenline Yachts utilise the best lithium (Li-Po) battery technology available: a 11.5 kWh on Greenline 33, 15.3 kWh on the Greenline 39, 23 kWh on Greenline 40 and 48 kWh on Greenline 48.

Rated for thousands of charge cycles with 100% discharge, these batteries outperform lead battery types by a factor of five to six.

Very powerful, light-weight (7 times lighter, 1/3 of normal battery size) and maintenance-free, these batteries are the ultimate for your hybrid boat with a life expectancy of over 10 years.

Photo-Voltaic (PV) Panels

The Photo-Voltaic (PV) roof array keeps the batteries fully charged and provide additional energy for the boat’s electric drive system. 

6 PV panels with forced air cooling deliver up to 1.4 kW of electric power in daylight conditions.

As a result, they are capable of supplying constant power to on-board 240v consumers like the refrigerator, air conditioning and entertainment systems, thus removing the need for a generator or shore power.

Despite the acceptance of hybrid technology in cars, similar technology in boats still raises a few eyebrows, but there is no reason why it has any less promise in marine applications. Indeed, it may well be the future of powered boating and Slovenian boat builder Greenline is leading the way

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