OceanClass 68

Extraordinary voyages


Greenline Yachts offers the only complete fleet with conventional, hybrid or electric drive in the world. Currently, we still offer diesel engines but we strive to use the most efficient ones that the market has to offer. Our aim is to provide the most responsible diesel boating solution available.
Volvo Penta
Volvo Penta D3-220

Diesel Propulsion

Top Speed
up to 25 Knots

(STANDARD) 2 x 1000 HP Volvo D13
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Torqeedo Deep blue 80i

Diesel Propulsion

Top Speed
Up To 28 Knots


HDrive Technology

We are pioneers of hybrid propulsion in boats and have been using this technology since 2008. Years of experience in hybrid drivetrains has allowed us to perfect the system not only for the purposes of propulsion but also for maximum efficiency and comfort while living on board. See how our HDrive technology works by clikcing the button on the right.
Greenline H-Drive (Hybrid)

EDrive Technology

We believe that electric propulsion is the future of responsible boating. This is why every model in the Greenline range is available with a fully electric drive system, which provides silent, emission free propulsion and integrated energy management to run the boat’s domestic supply. See how our EDrive technology works by clicking the button on the left.
Greenline E-Drive (Electric)

Solar/Power Management

Solar Benefits Hybrid

Our aim is to provide comfort on board like no other. With a bank of solar panels you can use all of the boat’s appliances, whether cruising or at rest, without having to fire up a generator or connect to shore power. This means there is no noise, no vibrations, no emissions and no disturbing your neighbours when the boat is on anchor. By utilising high performance LiPo batteries, even high load appliances like air-conditioning can be run in silence.
  • 129 kW/h - high performance lithium batteries
  • 50 kWh/day - Approximate consumption for 4 people in 24hr with air conditioning use
  • Up to 7 kWh/day - 1,500 W solar panels
  • Min. 2 days on anchor - depending on your energy management and sunshine, this energy can last longer or shorter

Solar Benefits Non-Hybrid

Even without the hybrid drive system, there are huge benefits from Greenline’s standard fit solar panels. The panels are constantly creating sustainable energy and feeding the domestic battery bank so onboard lighting and refrigeration, for example, can be run silently without having to rely on a diesel generator. This harnessing of solar power brings both peace of mind and a responsible way to create energy on board.
  • Up to 20.48 kW/h - opt. up to 4 x 200 Ah LiFePo4 batteries
  • 9 kWh/day - approximate consumption for 4 people in 24h without air conditioning use
  • Up to 8 kWh/day - 1,500 W solar panels
  • 2 days on anchor - depending on your energy management and sunshine, this energy can last longer or shorter
Greenline Neo - Unique Bathing Platform


Aft Galley

The aft galley, Greenline's signature features, combines the cockpit and the galley into a big social area

Natural Light

Thanks to the 360˚ panoramic view inside the salon, there is an abundance of natural light
Greenline Neo - Unique Bathing Platform

Full Beam Owner's Cabin

The owner's cabin aboard the OceanClass 68 sits at full width of the ship

Wine Cooler

The option for a wine cooler adds regulated storage for wine
Greenline Neo - Unique Bathing Platform

Lifting Storage

The electric lifting storage provides extra hidden storage for your bar and tableware



The hardtop provides extra shelter on the flybridge along with providing some extra solar power panels to charge our on board appliances

Helmstand Side Door

The Helmstand side door provides safer manoeuvring throughout the boat
Greenline Neo - Unique Bathing Platform

Flybridge Barbecue

Enjoy outdoor cooking on your boat with the aft barbecue

Bow Lounge

The bow lounge aboard the OceanClass brings extra comfort to entertain in a relaxing environment with the perfect, uninterrupted 360º sea view
Greenline Neo - Unique Bathing Platform

Hydraulic Bathing Platform

The hydraulic bathing platform makes it easier to get in and out of water

Technical Specifications


Flybridge (Hardtop)

Main Deck

Lower Deck A

Lower Deck B

Greenline OceanClass 68 Technical Specification

Length overall
20.8 m
Beam max
5.45 m
Displacement empty
28,000 kg approx.
Displacement full load
45,0 T
Draft empty
1.4 m
Diesel tank
4,000 l
Water tank
1000 l
Black water tank
3x80 l
3 + salon + crew
8 + 2


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