Greenline E-Drive

E-Drive system

Electric drive is the next logical step in the evolution and development for environmentally friendly craft in the Greenline Yachts range.

How it works

Solar panels charge the service batteries to run all the appliances with continuous 230/120VAC, while the main engine battery is charged by shore power, with a charging time as short as four hours for a full charge.


  • Silent navigation
  • Longer range
  • Environmentally friendly boating

Charging and driving modes

Passive State

Electric Drive Propulsion

Greenline Yachts - Electric propulsion mode
The propulsion in electric drive mode is provided by the electric motor, using power from the lithium battery. This zero emission mode is used to navigate from the marina or anchorage with no noise, no smoke and no significant wake. At 4-5 knots, a fully charged battery pack provides a range of up to 20 miles.
Solar powered boats by Greenline Yachts

Solar & Batteries

Every Greenline has solar panels and AC power onboard at all times as standard.

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Diesel engine with an electric motor/generator. Both of best worlds!

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The entire Greenline range is now available as pure electric drive.