Greenline 40

Beautiful Lines Without Compromise - The Greenline 40 is the perfect Coastal Cruiser

The Greenline 40 is designed to make your time on the water as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. Day trips, weekends away or extended cruising - they are all within reach with the Greenline 40.

Hybrid Living & Propulsion

With a range of Hybrid options from Diesel-only, Domestic and Full Hybrid, the Greenline 40 can be configured to meet the demands of ocean or inland cruising.

Hybrid? All it takes is a flip of a switch to turn a diesel driven boat into full electric and back. Straightforward and simple.

The Greenline Layout

With the aft galley and fold-up glass window, the Greenline 40 becomes the perfect space to entertain.

The galley becomes the centre of the boat and links the inside and outside spaces seemlessly.

Easy Handling

With her great ease of handling, unmatched safety and seaworthiness the Greenline 40 allows you to cruise further with confidence.

A helm side-door means handling single or short-handed is a breeze.

240v Living

Because the Greenline 40 utilises a sizeable domestic battery bank (AGM or Li-Po) and a powerful invertor, gone are the limits of 12v domestic equipment.

A full-size domestic fridge-freezer, induction hob, combination oven and 240v permenantly available all make your time on board more relaxing than ever before.

The Intelligent Battery Management System monitors the battery levels, and automatically diverts power from the optional PV panels and engine to keep the domestic batteries charged.

Spacious Washroom

Twin-Access doors into the washroom via the master cabin and companionway allows the master cabin to manitain en-suite facilities whilst ensuring privacy from day use.

A full-size seperate shower ensures the rest of the heads remains dry and usable all day long.

Spacious Guest Cabin

The guest cabin on the Greenline 40 offers the option of twin or double configurations to accomodate your guests in comfort and style.

Indirect lighting and large deck-level windows make this a bright and spacious cabin.

Space To Relax

The Greenline 40 offers you all the space to relax and unwind you will ever need.

Whether you are chasing the sun or looking for shade, the fore and aft decks offer both to keep even the most ardent of sun-worshippers happy.

Move Around With Confidence

With high bulwarks, spacious side-decks and sturdy grab rails, the Greenline 40 is a dream to move around on whilst underway.

A helm door on the starboard side allows access and visibility when coming alongside, making the Greenline 40 incredibly easy to handle single or short-handed.

Flexible Interior

The master cabin on the Greenline 40 is a revolution in space and light making a stay on board truly effortless.

Full-size scissor berths allow you to maximise floor-space for day use, and reconfigure when the day is over.

Deck-level windows flood the cabin with natural light making it a sumptuous space for the day, and a calming space in the evening.

High level of features

The design of the Greenline 40 Hybrid completely redefines user-friendliness and is changing the way you will spend your leisure time at sea.

Features such as side access gates offer the ability to berth stern or side to, making access on and off the Greenline 40 as simple as stepping off the pontoon.


Length overall 11.99 m
Beam overall 4.25 m
Draft empty 0.85 m
Displacement empty 8,000 kg appr.
Cabins 2 + saloon
Berths 4+2
CE Category
Maximum Speed* 22 kts
Electric max. speed* 6.5 kts
Electric cruising speed* 4 kts
Electric cruising range* 20 Nm

*Performance and range figures are given in good faith based on testing with largest engine options at 1/5th full load and calm seas and should be used as an indicative guide only. Dirt or marine growth on the hull, size of boat, engine choice and tuning, propeller condition and pitch, air and water temperature, fuel weight and quality, water weight, stores, number of people on board and other factors can each affect a boat’s performance and range.